The Law of Attraction Revisited


"We attract exactly that which we need in every moment." - Edgar Cayce

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Who has not heard of the law of attraction? It promises wealth and glory to any man who owns and apply it in his life. But when is it really? To understand this principle, it must begin with a knowledge of just what is this Act.

In simple terms an "Attraction" is: the action to attract, absorb or suck something. It is an appeal, an attraction and a combination. One can speak of the law of gravity and the law of attraction because it exerts a force of attraction on Earth. The law of attraction is therefore a natural phenomenon that occurs in nature, it is a physical law.

This maxim dictates we: "that we attract what we think or focus about". Which is true, because similar thoughts do catch and stick together. If we think of an Apple, it will attract thoughts, images, sounds or circumstances in connection with the Apple. This phenomenon is explained by the fact that our conscience works by association, by group.

There is even research on the brain which speaks of the "RAS" system which translates: "Reticular Activator System. Your reticular activating system is a filter between your mind and your subconscious mind. It takes your mind instructions and communicates it to your subconscious.

For example, the statement can be, "I'm looking for a parking space. Your conscience will be put to work and guide you to find a parking space, if there's one free, of course. This system will deliberately filter any information which is not related to your thoughts or beliefs and will focus on those that are.

This demonstrates the importance to "focus" our thoughts on what we want, to bring it to our attention, to our conscience. By taking the example of the Apple, we could for example see or hear an announcement on apples for discounts, or see someone next to us eating an Apple. Our consciousness has therefore "scan" the environment to find this information. Your thoughts emit waves in all directions, that is why they can travel beyond your being, as of radio waves.

Our thoughts attract what one focuses, but it does not creates objects, the invisible to the visible, and this is the great difference that pseudo scientists of the law of attraction are trying to make us swallow. In simple terms - you will not become millionaire with your mind only.

You can however read on how to make money, attend conferences, join your local Chamber of commerce and associate with millionaires and obviously find a great idea and put it into action. By thinking and working diligently on your business you will join the millionaires club, one day or the other.

Another principle of the law of attraction says: "what looks alike, assembles. Therefore things or similar people attract and influence. People come together and unite in a common goal for example. That is easy to understand and observe.

In the same way, that a man and a woman having common points are attracted to each other. All this, has nothing mysterious and is not a secret hidden for centuries.

The law of attraction is the equivalent of love. Love is an attraction and an aspiration to an object or a topic. It is also match our preferences and our deep desires. It attracts what charm us.

The law of attraction is also synonymous with sympathy. In the sense that if we participates in the suffering of others. We become on the same wavelength.

The law of attraction works by "Association", for example: "when two or more ideas follow, attract and accompanied constantly and in the spirit, immediately so that one will inevitably rise to the other, that there is a natural relationship between them, or not.

The law of attraction is simply a "principle of ". " similarity." Similar things are attracted, like and influence. As in: "you rub off on me". Two magnets attract because they are of the same nature as thoughts of the same nature attract and assemble.

What can serve the law of attraction, then?

It is used to find ideas, people or events that are in relation to what is being sought. In the same way that when you do a search on Google, you want to find information on the same term of research that you typed. Logic is it not?

The law of attraction is actually called the magnetic attraction. The universe is based on the attraction and repulsion of the things, which creates movement and contrast. This is what keeps the planets of our solar system in place. In the mental world, it is what attracts people to each other, in friendships and romantic relationships.

The attraction, be it physical or mental is always between two objects or subjects that already exist. This is not magic, nor a work of creation, but an action of attraction and influence. We can "influence" people or things, but not materialize them with nothing.

Our thoughts are energies and frequencies and attract similar frequencies but I have never seen anyone materialized a table out of the vacuum by thinking alone (they are not the same frequency). Our conscience can certainly find "ideas" of thoughts of tables, but not manifest it from the ambient air.

Our thoughts and emotions emits waves and we receive thoughts which are similar. Therefore thinking attracts a thought, and objects attract objects. The things of the same nature attract.

Can you influence the solid material solely by the force of our thoughts? And the answer is: no! And the reason is simple, they are not the same. They are not of the same substance. Because thought is "Air", and the material is "Earth". Thinking serves to plans, to imagine, to have ideas, but it's our hands that shapes the material, such as a sculptor. While the brain is leading our body, that does work, but it cannot grow a third arm for example.

However, we can influence our internal cells, our cellular memory, by positive thoughts because they act on our brain that release hormones in our bodies. By the action of thinking to create emotional reactions whether they are good or not, depending on what you think. A thought is high energy and our emotions are this same energy, so they are similar. It can therefore influence our inner feelings which will have a positive effect on our mental and physical health.

It is true that everything in the universe is energy. Einstein we the well demonstrated by the law of relativity, the famous "E = MC2. ". This formula means: Energy (E) = the mass of an object (M) multiplied by the speed of light (C) squared.

In simple terms, it said that the matter is energy and that energy is in matter. The difference between any form of matter, is in its configuration and its vibration level or revolution.

Think has ice and water, are two identical substances, but the ice is in a lower vibration than water. The material is as ice, it is condensed energy but it is always composed of energy. Therefore the material is dense energy, and pure energy is fine matter. Follow me you?

In Conclusion

The law of attraction is an "effect" as in the french adage: "Tu me fais de l'effet." It influences, leads and attract things that are of the same nature, the same wavelength. Thinking with thinking, objects with objects, human with human etc.

For example: "I think of a blond, blue eyes with a great smile."  This thought will be put to work and find or wear my attention to a similar person to what I'm looking for.

One can have a hunch or a pulse, for example to go to a place, and boom! we can be face to face with this blond, but being shy in nature, we remain mouth gawk at her and we let her go. Therefore we have been drawn or guide to that wich we sought but at the same time we did not Act, so this will be part remission.

A point to be considered is that our consciousness is like a Wi-Fi network, and as we are all connected, it can search the information around the world as a GPS and bring us the event corresponding to our thinking and push us to act later.

Our thoughts are a real force to attract and accumulate information, and knowledge, but it must be in this physical world put to practice, in "Action". We imagines by the spirit, but everything is made by the body. The body is the vehicle of the spirit. The spirit is manifested in the material.

Thoughts are the programs that animate the Interior of the material, but it is our hands who build and complete the external material. By the knowledge I learn and practice I realize. I say and I do what I say. By the action of my thinking, and the work of my hands, I manifested by my efforts, my reality, in time and place.

The law of attraction help us find the resources sought, it grows to what we desire and run our lives by the work we do, activities, times and hardware tools has its takes to materialize it..

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